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For Health Professionals

Model of care

Te Whare Tapa Wha (Durie, 1994) is the model of care that underpins our service.
As we explore the various needs and seek to understand the individual and whanau, we will ensure that they remain autonomous in any final decisions.

Taha Tinana (Physical well-being)
We can discuss:

  • Preexisting health conditions, injuries, disabilities
  • Physical exercise, sports and diet
  • Housing/living arrangements

We can provide or arrange:

  • Transport to and from appointments with us
  • Bus tickets or petrol vouchers
  • Grocery vouchers
  • Baby clothes, bedding & equipment
  • Nursery furniture
  • Maternity clothing

Taha Hinengaro (Mental/Emotional well-being)
We can:

  • Discuss thoughts, feelings, emotions, and options surrounding an unplanned pregnancy
  • Explore perceptions that an individual has about them self, seek to understand where those perceptions come from
  • Explore past interactions with others and address past trauma where appropriate
  • Provide post – termination grief counselling
  • Provide an individual and their whanau/support network to navigate grief after losing a child
  • Explore the possible impact of decisions on each dimension of health

Taha Wairua (Spiritual well-being)
We can:

  • Discuss their background/history
  • Establish goals for the future
  • Ask if they hold any belief systems or practices that they would like to explore or talk about further. Ensure that existing faith, cultural beliefs and practices are respected.
  • Discuss their values, morals, customs/practices, and ways that they express these things
  • Seek support from a Kaiawhina – perhaps from a kaumatua or visiting a pastor from a family church.

Taha Whanau (Family & Social well-being)
We can:

  • Discuss ancestry/culture
  • Assist her whanau/support network to have sensitive and constructive dialogue
  • Help her come up with a plan to disclose a pregnancy to parents, partner or friends if she wishes to and doesn’t know how
  • Provide integrated care by networking with, and knowing other local support services so that we can refer on, as required
  • Offer a 3 month follow up with her after she has been discharged from our care
  • Having as many appointments as are required on an individual basis according to her needs

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Local Support Services

The Hōkai Tahi team aim to utilise the other services established in the Wairarapa to create a full network of support for a woman and her whanau as she makes decisions for the future. Click below to view our resource which lists a number of medical, legal and financial support services that we ‘tap into’. Please note that there are many other community groups who work with us to support our clients, including, but not limited to: local foodbanks, craft groups, parenting centres/groups, networking groups, social media groups and local businesses.

Meet the Team

Our dynamic and passionate team of Support Coordinators seeks to compliment the primary health network here in the Wairarapa. If you have suggestions about how we could do this better, please click on the ‘Leave us Feedback’ button to fill in our referrer feedback form.

How can I refer my patient to Hokai Tahi?

We accept self-referrals as well as referrals from any health professional, community support group, friend or family member. All referrals are dependent on the consent of the person referred.
Click on the ‘Make a referral’ button to fill out a referral form. Our receptionist will first ask you some brief questions to ensure the safety of your patient/client and our staff, and secondly, to identify a Support Coordinator who is best equipped to meet your patient’s/client’s needs. The Support Coordinator will make first contact with your patient/client (if not immediately), within 6 hours of the initial referral to arrange a suitable time for the consultation.
If you contact us outside of our business hours, be assured that we will notify you that we have received your referral in our next business day.
Please note that we are not a ‘drop in’ centre.
If your patient has indicated that they would like their referrer to be contacted, following their discharge from our care, a letter will be sent to you to confirm the supports that have been put in place during their time with us.